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Presales Now Open – I Don't Want To Go To School!

A brilliant little girl enjoys The JDM Collection youth book release, I Don't Want To Go To School! by Jameson Mason



As previously mentioned, The JDM Collection is excited to share it's very first book release, I Don't Want To Go To School! Presale Orders have already opened in China and now we are ready to kickoff the US Tour! 

"This is a dream come true! I am still exhilarated from my China Presale Book Tour, now to release the US Open is just completed surreal. I look forward to hearing from my US community on how much they enjoyed the book. Book readings begin next week from the amazing partnerships with some wonderful teachers, school administrators, and The JDM Collection to make this possible."

– Jameson D. Mason

If you are interested in have a Book Reading of I Don't Want To Go To School!, please visit The Classroom here.



For partnerships and press inquiries, please reach out to us at pr@thejdmcollection

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