The Classroom

Author Jameson D. Mason is passionate about continuing to build open communication with his community of parents, teachers, and students! This initiative is known as The Classroom. In The Classroom, Jameson conducts Book Readings, Classroom Takeovers, Educational Exploratory Events, and One to One Learning Specialist service.

Book Readings

Are you an instructor or education administrator? Invite Jameson D. Mason to read his newest book, I Don’t Want To Go To School!, to your classroom or student body. Students and teachers even get the opportunity to pre-order their copy of the book and have it directly delivered on the day of the reading. All teacher and student pre-orders get a complimentary autograph (and free merchandise from the official The JDM Collection Shop.

In addition,) a wholesale discount is applied on orders of 30 or more book copies.

Classroom Takeover

Attention instructors and education administrators! Author Jameson D. Mason is offering classroom takeovers! Utilizing his love for books and writing, Jameson developed a unique creative writing experience. Jameson’s goal is to ignite within the youth an excitement for the same hobbies he fell in love with at a young age. Using the framework of a lesson he made during his years of international teaching, Jameson has fine-tuned a workshop to show all the fun and self-exploration creative writing has to offer. Interested? Please reach out with any questions or inquiries you may have today!

One to One Learning Specialist

Hi there parents,

Jameson D. Mason here. Aside from being a new children’s book author, many of you know me for my work as a Montessori Early Childhood Teacher. As my knowledge and understanding of children and education has expanded, I began to offer one to one specialist assistance during daily work cycles as well as outside of the normal school hours. These sessions have shown to help kids become more engaged and enthusiastic about they’re overall schooling experience. Sign up for an initial consultation, where I can observe your child then come up with a quality plan to aid in your child’s educational growth and development.

See you soon,

Jameson D. Mason

Inquire About Book Readings, Classroom Takeovers, or Office Hours Here!

Education Exploratory Events

Jameson D. Mason and The JDM Collection host periodical educational events for the youth. The events consist of book reading, creative writing, and reading comprehension tactics, just to name a few.