Meet The Author/Founder

Jameson D. Mason is a native of Georgia who spent his early years residing along the east coast as the son of a Navy veteran. During this time, he developed a love for exploration and adventure. This passion materialized at a young age with his indulgence in writing short stories and poetry.

During his secondary education experience, his exploration continued with his first literary submission, which landed his poem in the 2002 Edition of The Anthology of Poetry for Young Americans. In 2012 he was recognized by collegiate scholars with the Stanley Cyrus Award, a unique academic distinction, and recognition for his poetry writing. This continues with the publication of his works online and in hard copy mediums to share with the world.

Throughout his study, education has also been a driving force in his literary development, motivated by his aspirations to strengthen his crafts. After college, Jameson continued his story by studying non-traditional styles of reaching young people educationally through strengthening independence and empathy on self-creativity to promote learning. This love for teaching continues to grow through his work and study of students internationally to gain a broader understanding of learning methods.

Jameson combines his understanding of children with his love of poetry writing to create the foundation for his children's book series. He is excited to share this gift with the world with his first Youth Publication book, I Don't Want To Go To School!, the first publication under his art and literature media company, The JDM Collection.

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